//Diamond Lake – Light On (SINGLE REVIEW)

Diamond Lake – Light On (SINGLE REVIEW)

Released on March 5th, 2019, Minneapolis based rock band Diamond Lake introduced their latest EP titled ‘Changes. Leading the project, is their single entitled Light On. Everything about this song functions exceptionally well. The song starts with very high energy and immediately transitions to an incredible groove. The baseline played by Andy Gruhn is performed remarkably well and is a large part of why this tune sounds absolutely KILLING. The band’s chemistry is put on full display as their sound really comes together to make fantastic art. Another special aspect of this tune is the overall presentation of the musicianship within the band. Drummer, Ollie Bauer, takes absolute authority over the drum kit. Playing absolutely clean hits and perfectly placed fills. Frontman Jarrod Riddle puts his talents on full display by executing outstanding vocals and laying down totally killing guitar chords. It only takes one listen through to conclude that this trio of musicians are truly something special. The amount of work that they have put into this project does not go unnoticed. Diamond Lake has truly made me a fan of their art and I am confident that this is only the beginning for this group.


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