//Meghan & Caitlin – Mean (SINGLE REVIEW)

Meghan & Caitlin – Mean (SINGLE REVIEW)


It is no secret that the best types of music are the ones that have life through expressed emotions.  Sisters Meghan and Caitlin, Chicago based artists, have truly exemplified this with the release of their extraordinarily powerful single entitled “Mean.” The tune begins with exceedingly intriguing chromaticism that grasps the listener’s attention. Perhaps one of the best features of this single lies within the superb songwriting. The lyrics are packed with such pure genuine emotions. The fact that the lyrics tell a story that so many can relate to truly make this a tremendously  inspiring single. The execution of the vocals is truly exceptional. The timbre of the vocals sets the vibe of the entire tune perfectly. The production behind the track gives the song just the perfect amount of edge. If that wasn’t enough, the interlude section was fantastically performed and keeps the tune captivating. With this single, Meghan and Caitlin have without a doubt creating something uniquely special. The song’s message that sometimes you don’t have to be the bigger person; sometimes you need to be mean, is one that deeply resonates even after the tune ends.  I very much look forward to seeing what these extremely brilliant sisters have in store in the near future.





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