//Dominique Mathurin – Love is Contagious (Single Review)

Dominique Mathurin – Love is Contagious (Single Review)

With Valentines Day right around the corner, who isn’t in the mood for a good love song? Today, I have had to the opportunity to check out Dominique Mathurin’s take on the 90’s hit “Love is Contagious” by Taja Seville. The first thing that stood out to me was the absolute quality of Mauthrin’s voice. The sound of her vocals is remarkably powerful and resonates with my ear elegantly. Every note she sang was extremely spot on. Throughout the course of the song, Dominique showcases her dynamic control over her vocal range in such an impressive manner. The production that went into this track also really helped give this familiar tune an incredibly refreshing taste. I absolutely love the horn lines and the overall instrumentation that was used.  The sheer talent of Dominique Mathurin gleams brightly from this project. I hope to hear more from this brilliant artist in the future.


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