//Lynne Taylor Donovan – Dear Santa (Single Review)

Lynne Taylor Donovan – Dear Santa (Single Review)

At long last, it is December. We all know what that means. The holiday session means we can FINALLY, listen to our favorite Christmas songs without scrutiny for others. This year however, instead of listening to the traditional music that we have grown accustomed to, Lynne Taylor Donovan gives us a breath of fresh air with her original Christmas tune entitled, “Dear Santa.” The beauty of this tune is in the fact that it truly encompasses the true meaning of Christmas. The lyrics, written by Tony Koenan are truly heartfelt and sincere. Ms. Donovan delivers the tune exceptionally well and makes this song truly enjoyable for all audiences. Give yourself an early Christmas present and check out Lynne Taylor Donovan’s “Dear Santa.”




 Overall rating: 7/10
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